Exotech is one of a few U.S. companies capable of purchasing Zirconium (Zr) scrap and turning it into new usable materials. Because it takes complex processes and equipment to recycle, Zirconium is a special metal that not everyone can process. We buy and repurpose scrap Zirconium and scrap Zirconium alloys for nuclear energy, construction of chemical facilities, and the aerospace and automotive industries. Each year, we recycle hundreds of tons of Zirconium for customers all around the globe.


Exotech offers many forms of Zirconium including solids, clips, and turning briquettes. We offer different purities of Zirconium including a high-purity option, and can produce materials to meet your requirements.

Exotech has its own in-house laboratory with ICP and LECO capabilities. We certify our final materials with external accredited laboratories before shipping. Over the years, companies around the world have trusted us to deliver superior Zirconium solutions.


Exotech is a world leader in the recycling of Zirconium scrap metal. We purchase many forms of Zirconium and many different grades including 702, 704, 705, M5, Zircalloy 2/4, Zirlo, medical-grade Zirconium and more. Exotech is known for its competitive pricing.

Exotech is known for its competitive pricing and fast payment.

From competitive pricing to on-site manufacturing and exceptional service, there are many advantages to buying and selling with us. Cut out the middleman and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a trusted, reputable partner.