Exotech is an experienced Tungsten (W) recycler and processor with customers worldwide. Our knowledgeable on-site team employs a number of different methods to convert scrap Tungsten into usable raw materials for industries including electronics, aerospace and energy production. At Exotech, we believe in ethical and sustainable supply chains. Exotech’s raw materials sourcing policy adheres to the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP……). We supply Tungsten derived from 100% recycled scrap and primary material is taceable to a Tungsten smelter in good standing on the RMI RMAP smelter list.


Companies around the world trust us to deliver superior Tungsten products that are ready for immediate use. We procure and process Tungsten scrap metal, engineering new raw materials to fit your specific size, purify and form requirements.

Our expertise and in-house processing lines allow us to offer versatile products at significant savings. Exotech supplies CP Molybdenum, Air Melt Molybdenum, and Ferro Molybdenum and Molybdenum Oxide substitutes. These can be supplied in various forms and geometries (plate/rod/sheet/turnings, powder, etc.) We monitor every step of the manufacturing process using our own on-site laboratory and R&D. We also certify our final materials through outside accredited laboratories.


At Exotech, we take pride in our ability to accept materials that many other companies are not able to process. We have advanced in-house recycling facilities that allow us to pay you top dollar for your Tungsten scrap. We purchase Tungsten scrap from lighting, semiconductor, thin film deposition, medical, energy, and defense. Specific forms are plates, sheets, rods, bar, wire, targets, coils, turnings, powder, etc.

Exotech is an established global recycler and manufacturer that is family-owned and debt-free. Our sound business practices and friendly team ensure fast payments and an unparalleled level of service and expertise. With a global inventory of rare and exotic metals, we are always in the market to buy.

From competitive pricing to on-site manufacturing and exceptional service, there are many advantages to buying and selling with us. Cut out the middleman and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a trusted, reputable partner.