Exotech recycles Tantalum (Ta) and Tantalum alloy scrap on site, producing valuable materials and a synthetic Tantalum concentrate. Our products are used by specialty alloy producers around the world. As a certified conflict-free smelter, our systems are ISO 9001 certified. We partner with smelters and refiners that participate in the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP, formerly Conflict-Free Smelter Program or CFSP) to ensure our products and materials are responsibly sourced.


Exotech supplies standard and high purity Tantalum and many different cost-saving Tantalum alloy alternatives. With sophisticated in-house processing capabilities, we're able to meet your size, shape and purity specifications at competitive pricing.  Our synthetic Tantalum concentrate is accepted globally as a premium substitute for Tantalum ores and concentrates.


At Exotech, it's always a good time to sell because we're always in the market to buy. We supply directly to customers around the globe, so we're able to offer the best price for your Tantalum scrap.

We purchase almost all forms of pure and alloy Tantalum scrap including solids, turnings, powders, grindings, dusts, residues and much more. We take pride in our ability to recycle complex or contaminated Tantalum that many companies are unable to process. At Exotech, we provide excellent service and fast payment. Our friendly team makes it easy to recycle your scrap metals.

From competitive pricing to on-site manufacturing and exceptional service, there are many advantages to buying and selling with us. Cut out the middleman and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a trusted, reputable partner.