Exotech buys and sells Niobium (Nb) worldwide for use in applications including superalloys, superconducting alloys, rocket nozzles, chemical equipment, medical devices, thin films and electronic components. Our on-site thermal, mechanical and chemical processes allow us to repurpose Niobium scrap solids, turnings, powders, grindings and residues for specialty alloy producers worldwide.


Exotech supplies CP Niobium, ultra-high-purity Niobium and cost-saving substitutes for Ferro Niobium and Niobium Pentoxide. Our advanced recycling capabilities allow us to offer superior products and pricing. 

Our materials are certified by both our in-house laboratory and outside accredited laboratories. We offer many different Niobium alloys and cost-saving alternatives to meet your requirements.


Niobium scrap is generated from many different industries including capacitors, electronics and optics. We purchase nearly all forms of Niobium scrap and Niobium alloy scrap. We recycle our metals in-house to supply customers around the globe.

Family-owned and operated, we're able to provide the most competitive pricing for your Niobium scrap. With Exotech, you can count on excellent service and fast payments, without any red tape.

From competitive pricing to on-site manufacturing and exceptional service, there are many advantages to buying and selling with us. Cut out the middleman and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a trusted, reputable partner.