Hafnium is a very rare metal that's not widely used. However, it's one of our specialties. Exotech is a leading global purchaser and recycler of Hafnium scrap metal. Our advanced in-house processing capabilities allow us to develop the highest quality of Hafnium products for use in specialty alloys, electronics, aerospace superalloys, nuclear control rods and other applications.


Exotech supplies many different forms of Hafnium and alloys including plate, turnings, crystal bar, sponge and oxide. We process materials on site to meet your size, form and purity requirements, with different levels of Zirconium and Oxygen as required.

In-house manufacturing allows us to provide the best prices possible. We maintain a global inventory of Hafnium, and are able to ship products quickly. Our expertise and logistics experience make it easy to partner with us.


Exotech purchases many forms and grades of Hafnium scraps including oxides, solids, turnings, Hafnium with elevated Zirconium and much more. Our expert team and unique in-house recycling capabilities allow us to accept nearly any form of Hafnium, plus offer the best pricing.

With a global network of customers, we're always in the market to buy. We accept Hafnium scrap from around the world, and offer competitive pricing, fast payments and exceptional service.

From competitive pricing to on-site manufacturing and exceptional service, there are many advantages to buying and selling with us. Cut out the middleman and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a trusted, reputable partner.