Exotech's Five Basic Activity Areas

  1. Exotech manufactures high purity Chromium powder for the sputter target, electrical contact and thermal spray industries. In addition to primary virgin Chromium, we purchase used Chromium sputter targets. Primary Chromium is purchased in the form of flakes, ‘eggs’ and chunks. We process the virgin Chromium metal and scrap Chromium targets into powder by chemical and mechanical equipment designed to minimize contamination. Processing parameters are designed to match the particle size and purity for each customer’s requirements. Sizes range from 0.5 mm to 45 micron: http://www.qclabequipment.com/SIEVE_CONVERSION_CHART.pdf .
  2. We not only purchase, but also process rare and exotic scrap metals and their alloys. Typical of the metals we recycle are Hafnium, Zirconium, Niobium, Vanadium, Germanium, Indium, Molybdenum and Tungsten. Our processing of these metals, so they can be used directly by melters, allows us to pay the highest possible scrap price. The scrap metals that Exotech buys come primarily from industrial sources, normally manufacturing scrap that is suitable for recycling. Additional sources of recycled exotic metal comes from users of the metal and equipment overhaul companies.
  3. Exotech receives sputter target and vacuum coating used and scrap materials. Once the material arrives at our facility, we process it into forms and purities that can be used as recycle feed material by a variety of industries. The scrap is purchased from sputter target manufacturers, sputter target users and recycling companies where we offer very competitive pricing and service. Production scrap from manufacturers is a key source of material. Typical metals obtained from these companies are Tantalum, Niobium, Hafnium, Zirconium, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Indium, Germanium, Vanadium, Titanium, Nickel, Cobalt and their alloys. Exotech has developed an expertise in finding unique applications for some of the unusual alloys that are used by the vacuum coating industry.
  4. Exotech specializes in the purchase and sale of all types of Tantalum scrap, including Tantalum sputter target scrap and scrap residues (i.e. Tantalum chamber scrap, CVD residues) generated by the vacuum coating industry. Exotech also purchases Tantalum from the chemical process, aerospace, medical, and electronics industries. This scrap is purchased from sputter target consumers and manufacturers, vacuum coating companies, miscellaneous other manufacturing companies and recycling companies. Because Exotech is one of the largest processors of all forms of Tantalum scrap, Exotech can pay not only very competitive prices but in most cases the highest Tantalum scrap price.
  5. Nickel, Cobalt, and Titanium alloy scrap, primarily from the aerospace industry, is purchased, processed and sold to various industries. This scrap is generated by parts manufacturers and engine overhaul companies (MRO’s). It is purchased either directly or from scrap dealers.